You are beautiful

2014-11-16 10:19:19 by SmallTall

So I thought it would be cool to update on what I've been up to. I've been working with the all so wonderful chongo to animate the second episode of his original series Life hax! If you havent seen the first episode you should probably check it out here. I've been working extremely slow on this project due to personal affairs and such but look forward to it sometime (hopefully soon) anyways see ya beautiful ;) 3212821_141615099243_hunter.gif.gif

ha, no face 

Freaken busyish

2013-11-26 00:13:29 by SmallTall

Hello fellow Newgrounders or whatever you are. I haven't posted crap in over 3 months and that's because Ive been extremely well procrastinating. but don't you worry because i am currently back on track now working on the second episodes of Small & Tall and Life Hax, and to help out with this busyness is school work! yay! (not really) so yeah things may take a while...yet, keep an eye out for that stuff, should be awesome.

Freaken busyish